1.  Are the stickers die-cut or do they have a transparent/clear background?

All of our stickers are die-cut and do not contain any transparent background.  They come masked with transfer paper which is removed during installation.


2.  How do I apply my sticker?

Make sure the surface are in which you intend to apply your sticker to is very clean.  We suggest using isopropyl alcohol on the surface prior to installation but soap and water also work well to remove any grease/dirt.  The next step is to peel back the transfer paper (top layer).  Once all of the transfer paper is peeled off of the wax paper backing the sticker is ready to apply.  Lay the tranfer paper/sticker on the surface as flat as possible and use a credit card or similiar object to apply pressure to the sticker starting in the middle and working your way out, this ensures there are no air bubbles in your sticker.  Once you have forced all of the air out of the sticker go over the sticker your figers and apply pressure to the entire sticker, especially small parts of the design.  Now you can remove the transfer paper (top layer) and your sticker will remain on the surface.  We suggest applying your sticker in temperatures above 68F (28C).


3.  I have placed my order when will I receive my stickers?

Please refer to our shipping information page here:


4.  I placed my order and my order status is "back ordered" what does this mean?

We do not stock any of our designs other than the ones in the sale section.  Back ordered simply means that we are currently making your stickers and getting them ready to ship.  Vinyl material has a shelf life and by making the stickers only when they are ordered we can ensure that your sticker is fresh and that the adhesive is strong.


5.  What type of transfer paper do you use?

We only use paper masking paper unless otherwise stated.  Paper masking does not warp or change shape with different temperatures while the clear masking does.  The only time we will use clear masing is for metallic stickers in the sale section.


6.  Do you offer warranty or returns?

Due to the multitude of factors involved in installing the stickers we do not offer any sort of warranty or guarentee.  If there is a physical issue with the sticker please take a picture and email it to and we will have a new one sent out right away.  We do not offer returns.


7.  Can I have a tracking number for my order?

We ship all of our orders standard mail.  Canada post and USPS do not offer tracking numbers for this type of service.  If you wish to have a tracking number you will need to let us know prior to ordering and extra fees will apply.





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